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Official news: our Baby X will be leaving…

But we don’t know when exactly.  Our social worker called this afternoon to inform us that his aunt has been approved to take him.  Tentatively, he will spend the weekend with her.  There is a court hearing this Friday morning, after which we should receive a clearer picture of what will happen – if he will transition immediately or gradually.  And there is the slight chance that he might stay longer.

So how do I feel?  SO, SO SAD.  Ok the floodgates have opened and the tears are freely flowing out now.  Yet I am happy he is going to be with his family – his tia, tio, prima, and primo.

“The Lord gives and takes away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Job 1:21

God gives us our foster children to love for an indefinite amount of time.  Days, weeks, even years.  During that time, He keeps changing our hearts to say yes in all sorts of situations.

Yes to foster care instead of adopting from China.
Yes to a teenager instead of a baby or toddler.
Yes to cross-cultural adoption instead of just fostering.

Each time we don’t know where it will lead, but God allowed us to experience depths of His love that we never would have known had we not loved and parented these precious children.  We’ve grown so much, made a gazillion mistakes, and will make a gazillion more mistakes in the future.

Baby X came to us a week out of the hospital and now he is 19 months old.  Seeing all those baby and toddler milestones really imprints this little life even more into our hearts.  He knows a few signs – more, all done, and please.  It’s so much fun because he is really wanting to communicate these days.

It’s a good time for Baby X to transition since his language skills are still lacking.  He’ll learn a new language – Spanish – and will hopefully become fluent.

More later…

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