Goodbye, my precious Baby A

I knew the court hearing was scheduled yesterday, but didn’t think much of it since most court hearings don’t amount to anything. Our day went on like any normal day. Homeschooling, 5th grade state testing at school, one sick son, and lunch. Jeremy made a quick stop home to bring boba drinks to surprise us. Love my hubby.

We also noticed a first tooth coming out!

Made a trip to the library after lunch with the 3 boys and Baby A. Then blissful nap time came along. 
A couple hours later, I heard Baby A talking to herself upstairs, went to take her out of her crib and changed her diaper. We played in her room for a while before going downstairs before dinner. I noticed my phone had a missed call at 5:15 and a new voicemail originating from Los Angeles. Hmmm…another request for information relating to foster care?
Nope, it was a message from our county social worker saying that the judge ordered Baby A to move in with her great-aunt immediately.  I would wait to call her tomorrow, I thought. Or at least late tonight. I would not let the tears fall yet. Dinner first.
This would be the last time walking up the stairs with her and smiling into the huge mirror placed between the landings. The last bath…so I cherished it…trying to memorize her smile, her movements, her soft baby skin. 

But then her great-aunt called. The tears overwhelmed me for a few seconds before I told her I would call her back after the bath. I put Baby A down for bedtime at 7:00, took out all her belongings and piled them in the hallway, got ready to go to Zumba class, then left the house. Great-aunt texted me before I got to class asking to pick her up that night. 
Well, I was already at Zumba so I danced for the next hour, tears escaping before and after class. Grabbed a sweet hug from Josie (my instructor and dear friend) and invited her to come pack with me. 
Rushed home and found that my oldest son had moved all this to the front door.
Josie, my hubby, and I worked together to collect everything, inventory clothes for the foster agency, and pack. Baby A heard us after a while, woke up, and started talking so Baba went to go get her. We played with her, held her, prayed for her, took more pictures…woke the boys to say goodbye and they went back to bed.
Great-aunt was supposed to arrive at 10:00, but didn’t arrive until 10:30. Josie left and 15 minutes later we heard the expected knock. I invited Great-aunt in with a smile. We hugged a long, understanding hug and she insisted this wouldn’t be the last goodbye. She said she would have Baby A dedicated at church and wants us to be her godparents!!! Well a new wave of tears came gushing out. She even prayed for us before leaving. Oh my goodness God is so good and faithful. 
Jer loaded up the car while I remembered to find the percentile growth charts and the medical cards to give to her. Bye, my baby love. We will miss you. May you know the saving grace of Jesus and live for Him all your days. 
A Mother’s Prayer song for my Baby A

“Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

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  1. Aaaawww…sending you all hugs my dear friend! You are such an amazing family and Baby A was so fortunate to know your love. How wonderful that her Great-Aunt wishes to keep you all in such an important role in her life. Baby A has indeed been blessed.

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