I used to feel guilty for only requesting babies: confession of a lightweight foster parent

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  Suicidal, difficult, troubled, hopeless, provocative, failure, harmful to others, dropout, no future, unattached… Yes, those descriptions bother me, too. Would you willingly throw yourself into a position to parent someone who exhibits one or all of those behaviors? Perhaps. Sweet, tender, tiny, newborn, life, giggly, cuddly, cute, dependent, beginning, hopeful future, attached… Now these […]

Sometimes I forget she isn’t really mine

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My heart broke a little yesterday morning while sitting at my kitchen table during our county social worker’s monthly visit. Our agency’s case manager also met with us at the same time. She mentioned the likelihood of reunification and I nodded as usual, contributing to the conversation how the birth parent visits were going. The […]

Finding Joy in the Little Things

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Something about babies always makes people smile. Their supposed innocence, adorable baby rolls, toothless grins, contagious laughter, and the freshness of their smooth skin and simple being all in one miniature person. Joy. Smiles. Perfect strangers will reach out and touch (and even kiss) babies they have never seen before. Once, I had even witnessed […]

Book Review: another place at the table

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Wow, I could NOT put this book down! It was the perfect timing to begin…at the beginning of regular supervised visits with the birth parents of our new baby daughter. I had 3 hours during each visit of nearly-uninterrupted blissful time of reading.  It only took two visits and some additional sporadic stolen hours over […]