Foster Parent Training Hours

Hello fellow foster parent,

My agency has approved for you to read 3 of my posts and submit a write-up for further training. Please contact your own agency to confirm if it will accept your write-up from reading articles from my blog. Thanks for reading!

– Mama Michelle


Complete these questions and submit your write-up to your agency to obtain 1 training hour.

1. Which category did you choose? (Read 3 posts from the same category.)

2. What new ideas did you encounter and how has your thinking changed, if at all?

3. How will you implement what you have learned into your family and unique foster situation? (Will you try something new, take some time to come up with a plan, or get more information before you can clearly identify what needs to be done?

Copy and paste the questions above onto your own word processor to complete or print out the document below to handwrite your answers:

Blog write-up for foster parent training hours