12 Lessons in 12 Years of Fostering

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Twelve. One of the numbers that represents completeness in the Bible. The 12 disciples, the 12 sons tribes of Israel, 12 gates in heaven and 12 angels guarding them, and more. 12 doughnuts make a dozen, a complete box. This month marks a full 12 years of being a certified foster parent. My husband and […]

I used to feel guilty for only requesting babies: confession of a lightweight foster parent

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  Suicidal, difficult, troubled, hopeless, provocative, failure, harmful to others, dropout, no future, unattached… Yes, those descriptions bother me, too. Would you willingly throw yourself into a position to parent someone who exhibits one or all of those behaviors? Perhaps. Sweet, tender, tiny, newborn, life, giggly, cuddly, cute, dependent, beginning, hopeful future, attached… Now these […]