12 Lessons in 12 Years of Fostering

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Twelve. One of the numbers that represents completeness in the Bible. The 12 disciples, the 12 sons tribes of Israel, 12 gates in heaven and 12 angels guarding them, and more. 12 doughnuts make a dozen, a complete box. This month marks a full 12 years of being a certified foster parent. My husband and […]

Sometimes I forget she isn’t really mine

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My heart broke a little yesterday morning while sitting at my kitchen table during our county social worker’s monthly visit. Our agency’s case manager also met with us at the same time. She mentioned the likelihood of reunification and I nodded as usual, contributing to the conversation how the birth parent visits were going. The […]

Book Review: another place at the table

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Wow, I could NOT put this book down! It was the perfect timing to begin…at the beginning of regular supervised visits with the birth parents of our new baby daughter. I had 3 hours during each visit of nearly-uninterrupted blissful time of reading. ┬áIt only took two visits and some additional sporadic stolen hours over […]

Speechless: Are you open to keeping this child permanently?

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“Are you open to keep her permanently if her parents end up not completing their plan?” After a momentary plight of speechlessness, I managed to stutter a few words to the new social worker that I could not give her a concrete answer. I really had to wrestle with this idea of permanence. After nine […]

Our Precious Baby R

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Three and a half months flew by and I didn’t even introduce to you all our new Baby Girl back in November. We loved her immediately…how could we not? I received a text around 10:30 on November 14th, a Monday morning, while my boys and I were at Classical Conversations, one of our homeschool programs, […]