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Book Review: another place at the table

Wow, I could NOT put this book down! It was the perfect timing to begin…at the beginning of regular supervised visits with the birth parents of our new baby daughter. I had 3 hours during each visit of nearly-uninterrupted blissful time of reading.  It only took two visits and some additional sporadic stolen hours over two-three days before finishing another place at the table.

This book was written by one amazing, heavyweight foster mama! After reading about some of the children placed in her home, I realized that I am a lightweight foster mom. Only taking healthy infants at this time, my husband and I do not have the capacity to adapt to medically fragile needs nor traumatized behavior and thought patterns. Maybe one day God will lead our family towards children who need more specialized care. In the meantime, we will continue to love our sweet, cuddly babies.

Kathy Harrison and her husband had three biological sons when her husband landed a new job and they had to move. Due to the need for her to work, Kathy found employment in a Head Start program, exposing her to children in foster care and the foster families who cared for them.

Over time, she felt drawn to the trenches of foster care. Through her stories, Kathy takes you right into her living room, reliving the moments of joy and heartache with all your senses. You will sympathize and perhaps empathize with her as she reveals her honorable and not-so-honorable thoughts and actions towards her permanent and temporary family members.

She walks you through the flexibility and perseverance of what it takes to be a foster family. Social workers, investigators, legal representatives, birth family members, institutional staff, adoptive parents, and other foster parents all make regular appearances woven throughout a number of years.

The themes of attachment, loss, adoption, permanence, behavior, abuse, trauma, placements, flexibility, uncertainty, and the social services system are all represented in great detail.

Harrison encourages the weary foster parent, inspires prospective foster parents, and gives all readers a glimpse of one family’s journey through foster and adoption in this well-written account. Read this book.  You will not regret it.

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