EncouragementLoss and Attachment

Catch 22

Fostering our teen is constant emotional turmoil for the foster child and the foster parents.  We have our ups and downs, but because the natural family has been broken up for her, that hurt is so deep.  Only the Lord can heal those broken hearts.  Therapy and drugs can only do so much to help, but ultimately it is God we all need.

Before lunch, J and I had a calm but slightly emotionally-charged conversation.  It doesn’t hurt that she doesn’t want to be adopted.  It hurts because she can’t hang out with us without feeling pain…so she doesn’t.  I feel sad when she excitedly wants to go out with others, knowing that it brings so much sadness to her when she spends time with us as a family.  We were both in tears, as this situation isn’t ideal since there has been so much loss to get here, but it is the best situation it can be at this point.

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