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He didn’t even have a trash bag

I sat along the wall of the classroom, suddenly not hearing anything the tutor was teaching the students about grammar. A text came that sent my excitement level up a few notches during a typical Monday at our Classical Conversations homeschool class. You know, the kind of text that makes all foster parents perk up and wonder who the next child will be and how the situation will pan out.

A Chinese toddler boy needs respite for two days.

Someone from the Asian Pacific division of Los Angeles County DCFS had put out feelers to the surrounding counties. I quickly texted my husband to ask him about the boy and he immediately responded with a YES. Perhaps he would be able to speak in Mandarin with the boy. I sent a momentary prayer up and let our intake coordinator know that we would be happy to provide respite. After our long day at CC, my boys and I drove home and made the transition to soccer practice.

Maybe I can make it to the gym for just 30 minutes before he gets dropped off.

So off to the gym I went. The social worker who would be delivering our new little one texted that he would make it to my house in 40 minutes. Good thing I live only 2 minutes away from the gym. By the time I got home, I saw a smiling Filipino man standing next to his car in front of my house with our sweet boy sitting on the hood. He beat me home!

After greetings and introductions, the duo followed me into my house and I noticed that the boy held a disposable sippy cup in his little hands. Two worn toddler t-shirts were the only other items that the social worker brought in.

And he had no shoes.

He left his home with nothing except the clothes on his back. Was he scared? Would a stuffed animal or a soft blanket have provided some comfort as a stranger drove him to another stranger’s house? I didn’t even know if he had a favorite toy or lovey.

In honor of Foster Care Awareness Month, we are hosting our annual fundraiser through Together We Rise to provide duffel bags of hope for children as they get placed with their new foster families. Each bag includes a teddy bear, blanket, toothbrush, coloring book, and crayons. Please consider donating to our fundraiser HERE to help provide “sweet case” bags of comfort to scared and traumatized children who are placed in foster care. Details are listed in the link. The last day to donate is May 22nd.

Every $25 raised over our goal will provide another sweet case. So far, we have enough for 94 bags. Maybe we can make it to 100 bags or more. Praise God for the generosity of all our donors!  We are so thankful for all of you. Thank you for making a difference.

Together We Rise fundraiser

And in case you’re wondering, I bought some adorable new Crocs for our little boy the very next day. He stayed with us for just a couple of days and is now thriving with another foster family who lives near his grandmother.


If you would like to organize your own Sweet Case Build or Bike Build fundraiser to support foster children anywhere in the States, be sure to check out the website at Together We Rise.

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