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Sweet Case Build: our community comes together

Wow, 103 bags…43 over our original goal of 60 sweet cases! I love our community filled with friends from all different circles who came together for this event. Many thanks to our dear friends and family for financially supporting our fundraiser and for also being available to participate in our Sweet Case Build by stuffing the duffel bags for children in foster care. We definitely could not have done it without you!

In honor of National Foster Awareness Month, my family hosts an annual fundraiser to help children in foster care. This is our second year using the services of Together We Rise. They provide the fundraising website and all the materials needed for the Sweet Case Build. I drove to their headquarters two days before the build and packed our van full of boxes to bring back home. Don’t worry if you are not local. Together We Rise will ship the materials all over the U.S.

This year, we welcomed our friends Ryan and Stephanie to share with us part of God’s journey for them as foster parents. They shared from their hearts and many were blessed and encouraged.

If you are interested, this is how we scheduled our late afternoon event. You can host an event in your own hometown, too!

4:00 Stuff duffel bags

5:00 Group photo

5:10 Steph and Ryan share about foster parenting

5:30 Potluck dinner, swimming, and fellowship

You do not have to be a foster parent in order to support the unseen children in foster care in our communities.  This sweet case fundraiser and event is just one way to help.

Comment below to let me know other ways how you have helped to support foster families and children in foster care in your communities. I would love to know!

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